Who Takes Measurements, The Home Inspector or the Appraiser?

house measurementsOften times people ask “do you take measurements during your home inspection”. It is a natural question to ask, especially since we spend so much time in your home.

The short answer is: no, we don’t. And here is why. In the transaction there is the home inspector and the appraiser. Both are looking at the same thing, but from two different angles. The home inspector is looking for defects and problems. Square footage is a matter of public records and listing status – which is a concern more for the appraiser.

One of the appraiser’s jobs is to measure and verify the square footage of the home. I am unaware of any SOP that has a home inspector do that. And the reason basically comes down to the home inspector being able to focus on his job. But while we don’t measure the house, we do get quite a bit deeper into the home and its details than the appraiser.