How to Fix A Clogged Shower Drain

clogged shower drainHave you ever had a clogged shower drain? I think it is safe to say that most of us have at some point or another. Sometimes, even on a home inspection, we have to be careful running the water in the shower so it doesn’t overflow! So how can you fixed a clogged shower drain?

Before you reach for that bottle of Draino, there are a few things you should try first. I say that, because drain cleaners can sometimes just soften the clog and ultimately make it worse. First, look inside the drain as best as possible. Most drain covers come right out, or just have a screw or two holding it on. Take that off and you will get a better view. Check for what is blogging it. Is it build-up, hair, a gum wrapper? If it is hair or some kind of debris, then manually removing the clog generally works better (if possible).

Grab something long and maneuverable to swirl around the drain and pull out what you can. As gross as it sounds, it is usually a big wad of hair…. Otherwise, clean it the best you can. After that, you can pour some drain cleaner down as directed on the bottle.

Note: Be careful if you have galvanized drain lines, as they can easily break if you are too rough with them.

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