Chimney Inspections and Home Inspections

chimney inspectorThere are a lot of questions that go with buying a home with a chimney (many homes nowadays do not have chimneys). One of the questions is what kind of a chimney inspection does a home inspector do. The short answer is most home inspectors do what is called a Level I chimney inspections. But what is that? And what is a Level II and a Level III inspection?

A level I chimney inspection is the basic inspection that should be done on all chimneys to start out with. Typically it involves checking the structure, the exterior brick, the crown if possible, any exposed sections of flue, the smoke chamber if possible, and the fire box.

A Level II inspection is more involved as it is normally done with cameras that inspect the interior portion of the chimney flue that is not visible during a typical Level I inspection.

A Level III is something that most will never have done. It is usually done after a chimney fire and means dismantling of the chimney (or at least parts of it) and demolition to see how much damage was done and what needs to be replaced, repaired, or re-built.

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