Manassas VA – Home Inspection Picture

Manassas VA – Home Inspection Picture

In this month’s home inspection picture We see a set of leaning steps. Many people don’t think much of this, but it can be a real fall hazard, especially when rain and snow hit it. Also, it has a handrail, but not one on the outside of the steps to catch you if you fall.

leaning stairs

How to Fix A Clogged Shower Drain

clogged shower drainHave you ever had a clogged shower drain? I think it is safe to say that most of us have at some point or another. Sometimes, even on a home inspection, we have to be careful running the water in the shower so it doesn’t overflow! So how can you fixed a clogged shower drain?

Before you reach for that bottle of Draino, there are a few things you should try first. I say that, because drain cleaners can sometimes just soften the clog and ultimately make it worse. First, look inside the drain as best as possible. Most drain covers come right out, or just have a screw or two holding it on. Take that off and you will get a better view. Check for what is blogging it. Is it build-up, hair, a gum wrapper? If it is hair or some kind of debris, then manually removing the clog generally works better (if possible).

Grab something long and maneuverable to swirl around the drain and pull out what you can. As gross as it sounds, it is usually a big wad of hair…. Otherwise, clean it the best you can. After that, you can pour some drain cleaner down as directed on the bottle.

Note: Be careful if you have galvanized drain lines, as they can easily break if you are too rough with them.

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Your Well Head

well headYour well head (if you have one) is an important maintenance access to your drinking water. What is often see though, is that many people decorate around it, plant trees and bushes around it, or otherwise try to hide it. But this can limit your access. Be sure to keep the area around your well head clear and accessible.

Retaining Walls

retaining wallsRetaining walls are an important part of a home inspection, but unfortunately they are one of the maintenance items that are often neglected. On many home inspections it is common to see a leaning retaining wall, or one that is rotted away like this one.

Especially with a wood retaining wall is it vital to maintain them. Without proper moisture treatment, repairs, and other maintenance the wall will eventually just fall apart.

Before you check off that Fall or Spring check list, be sure to take a look at your retaining walls and make any repairs needed.

Buckled Hardwood Floors

Buckled hardwod floorsHardwood floors tend to have buckles in them for many reasons, but sometimes it can be an indicator of something more serious.

Generally speaking, hardwood floors buckle during the warm summer months and with higher humidity. It is just a fact of life – wood is organic and it moves. In the winter they usually recede.

Whenever there is moisture though, it is a different story. When there has been a moisture issue on or BELOW the floors this can occur. It can also encourage mold growth and other damage.

Bathroom Vent In Attic… Again

vent in atticIt seems to be a regular occurrence, another bathroom fan vented into the attic. Be sure that a contractor does not do this, or you do it yourself. This can cause mold and all sorts of trouble in your attic space. These vents should be properly vented to the exterior.

Dryer Fires in Woodbridge VA

Dryer Fires

Dryer Fires in Woodbridge VA – Dryer fires are becoming more and more common. By some estimates there are around 1,200 dryer fires every year. That is a pretty big number in my opinion!

The sad thing is that I see the makings of dryer fires fairly often on home inspections. But with a few simple steps, you can lessen your chances of having a dryer fire and protect your family. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Clean the lint trap EVERY time the dryer is used
  2. Clean the inside of the dryer as well
  3. Check and clean the dryer hose and the vent head on the exterior
  4. Keep the laundry area free of clutter

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Denim Insulation

Denim Insulation

Denim Insulation

Denim insulation is a product that is quickly becoming very popular. Not only is it becoming a common thing to see on a home inspection, it is also becoming a selling point. You can now find listings for properties that advertising having recycled denim insulation. But why is it so popular? Why should you consider denim insulation for your own home? Here are a few reasons:

  1. It is usually about 85% recycled materials, so it is good for the environment.
  2. It is great for sound proofing. In fact, its acoustical rating is about 30% higher than other products.
  3. It isn’t itchy. AN for a home inspector that crawls through insulation all day, that is worth its weight in gold.

But there is a down side… the cost. It is nearly twice as expensive as other insulation.

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